About us

Innovative and sustainable product development

We are a value grounded company with around 200 employees who are driven by the desire to make our world a better place and more sustainable. Together with our customers and partners, we take innovative ideas throughout the development process to approved products on the market.

We innovate, implement and improve – every day and indeed every hour. It’s been in our DNA ever since the company was founded. As consultants, we help and strengthen. The vision is to develop future products and digital solutions for a better world and achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Customer Needs at the Core – Wherever We Work

We quickly put together teams with depth and breadth in different technical areas, with industry-specific experience, and with the skills to drive development projects according to customer requirements. We’re able to do this because we have substantial knowledge and long experience of established techniques, and at the same time we are constantly developing our competence in new technologies and with new methods.

We undertake assignments from concept to finished product where we take responsibility for project management and delivery according to specification. Alternatively, we can provide our consultants to be on site with you and strengthen the competence and capacity of your own team.

Assignments on Site at Our Customers

When we work on site at our customers, we add competence to your team. We continuously follow up and ensure that you, the customer, are satisfied and that we have a common view of what the assignment involves and what the priorities are. At Together Tech, we always want to learn more, develop smarter solutions, and stretch ourselves further. The aim is always to deliver the greatest possible value to our customers and we appreciate any feedback that can help us be even better.

Outsourced Product Development

We handle the entire product development process, from concept to production and maintenance. An assignment may also consist of a shorter feasibility study where you want to investigate whether a new technology is applicable. With over 30 years of experience in developing embedded systems containing electronics, software and mechanics in quality-assured processes, our customers can feel confident that we can meet the project objectives. We benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience, always with respect to confidentiality.


Quality-Assured Work Process

We use an established and quality-assured process in all our work, and we select those parts to suit what is to be delivered. The process provides good support with regard to activities and Schedule, which documents to produce and ensures that everybody works in a consistent way. This clarifies the work flow for you, as our customer, and also defines the input we need from you.

When we work within our customers’ processes, you can be assured that all our consultants can adapt to your ways of working and are experienced at working systematically with product development. Together Tech are certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 with regards to industrial technical consultancy services.

Anna Axelsson
Regional Manager Göteborg/Trollhättan
Marko Koivumäki
Business Unit Manager Mechanical Engineering
Hanna Widforss
Regional Manager Linköping/Norrköping/Jönköping